Revenge at Slams
This study looks at players meeting at the same slam in consecutive years.  Meeting three consecutive
years (e.g. Federer-Roddick
at 2003-2005 Wimbledon) is treated as two separate occurrences.

There have been 345 such revenge scenarios in the Open Era, through 2011 (full listing below).  W-L
records given are those of the player winning the first match.  Another way of looking at it is the first
number indicates how many times one player won both matches, and the second number indicates how
many times the matches were split.

All Revenge Matches
W-L:  230-115
Australian Open: 38-26
Roland Garros: 70-32
Wimbledon: 61-28
US Open: 61-29

Both Matches QF round or later
W-L:  68-29
Australian Open: 10-4
Roland Garros: 16-8
Wimbledon: 19-6
US Open: 23-11

Round pairings (first year-second year)
Rematches at same slam, consecutive years
YearSlam Round WinnerLoser
1968WimbledonSFRod LaverArthur Ashe
1969WimbledonSFRod LaverArthur Ashe
1968WimbledonSFTony RocheClark Graebner
1969WimbledonQFTony RocheClark Graebner
1968WimbledonR64Rod LaverStan Smith
1969WimbledonR16Rod LaverStan Smith
1969WimbledonR32Arthur AsheGraham Stilwell
1970WimbledonR128Arthur AsheGraham Stilwell
1969WimbledonR32Clark GraebnerIlie Nastase
1970WimbledonR16Clark GraebnerIlie Nastase
1969WimbledonR64Ken RosewallRoger Taylor
1970WimbledonSFKen RosewallRoger Taylor
1970WimbledonR32Tom GormanCliff Drysdale
1971WimbledonR128Tom GormanCliff Drysdale
1970WimbledonR128Marty RiessenJim McManus
1971WimbledonR128Marty RiessenJim McManus
1970WimbledonFJohn NewcombeKen Rosewall
1971WimbledonSFJohn NewcombeKen Rosewall
1970WimbledonR16Roy EmersonStan Smith
1971WimbledonR16Stan SmithRoy Emerson
1973WimbledonR16Alex MetreveliJohn Feaver
1974WimbledonR128Alex MetreveliJohn Feaver
1974WimbledonR32Alex MetreveliAndrew Pattison
1975WimbledonR32Alex MetreveliAndrew Pattison
1974WimbledonR16Alex MetreveliTom Okker
1975WimbledonR16Tom OkkerAlex Metreveli
1974WimbledonR64Jimmy ConnorsPhil Dent
1975WimbledonR16Jimmy ConnorsPhil Dent
1975WimbledonR16Bjorn BorgMarty Riessen
1976WimbledonR64Bjorn BorgMarty Riessen
1975WimbledonSFJimmy ConnorsRoscoe Tanner
1976WimbledonQFRoscoe TannerJimmy Connors
1976WimbledonFBjorn BorgIlie Nastase
1977WimbledonQFBjorn BorgIlie Nastase
1976WimbledonR64Kim WarwickGeoff Masters
1977WimbledonR128Kim WarwickGeoff Masters
1976WimbledonR16Jimmy ConnorsStan Smith
1977WimbledonR16Jimmy ConnorsStan Smith
1977WimbledonFBjorn BorgJimmy Connors
1978WimbledonFBjorn BorgJimmy Connors
1979WimbledonSFBjorn BorgJimmy Connors
1977WimbledonR64Buster MottramFrew McMillan
1978WimbledonR64Frew McMillanBuster Mottram
1977WimbledonR128Ilie NastaseTom Gullikson
1978WimbledonR32Ilie NastaseTom Gullikson
1977WimbledonR16Ilie NastaseTom Okker
1978WimbledonQFTom OkkerIlie Nastase
1978WimbledonSFBjorn BorgTom Okker
1979WimbledonQFBjorn BorgTom Okker
1978WimbledonR64Brian GottfriedBrian Teacher
1979WimbledonR32Brian TeacherBrian Gottfried
1979WimbledonR32Mark CoxGilles Moretton
1980WimbledonR128Mark CoxGilles Moretton
1979WimbledonR64Victor PecciPhil Dent
1980WimbledonR32Phil DentVictor Pecci
1980WimbledonFBjorn BorgJohn McEnroe
1981WimbledonFJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1981WimbledonR64Victor AmayaBuster Mottram
1982WimbledonR64Buster MottramVictor Amaya
1981WimbledonQFJohn McEnroeJohan Kriek
1982WimbledonQFJohn McEnroeJohan Kriek
1981WimbledonR16Tim MayotteSandy Mayer
1982WimbledonR32Tim MayotteSandy Mayer
1982WimbledonQFTim MayotteBrian Teacher
1983WimbledonR32Tim MayotteBrian Teacher
1982WimbledonR32Steve DentonChris Lewis
1983WimbledonR128Chris LewisSteve Denton
1982WimbledonR16Johan KriekNick Saviano
1983WimbledonR64Johan KriekNick Saviano
1982WimbledonQFMark EdmondsonVitas Gerulaitis
1983WimbledonR64Mark EdmondsonVitas Gerulaitis
1983WimbledonR16John McEnroeBill Scanlon
1984WimbledonR16John McEnroeBill Scanlon
1984WimbledonR128Scott DavisAnders Jarryd
1985WimbledonR64Anders JarrydScott Davis
1984WimbledonR64Jimmy ConnorsStefan Simonsson
1985WimbledonR128Jimmy ConnorsStefan Simonsson
1984WimbledonR16John SadriVitas Gerulaitis
1985WimbledonR64Vitas GerulaitisJohn Sadri
1985WimbledonQFBoris BeckerHenri Leconte
1986WimbledonSFBoris BeckerHenri Leconte
1986WimbledonR16Pat CashMats Wilander
1987WimbledonQFPat CashMats Wilander
1987WimbledonR128Boris BeckerKarel Novacek
1988WimbledonR64Boris BeckerKarel Novacek
1988WimbledonSFBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1989WimbledonSFBoris BeckerIvan Lendl
1988WimbledonFStefan EdbergBoris Becker
1989WimbledonFBoris BeckerStefan Edberg
1990WimbledonFStefan EdbergBoris Becker
1988WimbledonR128Richey RenebergChristian Saceanu
1989WimbledonR128Richey RenebergChristian Saceanu
1989WimbledonR16Stefan EdbergAmos Mansdorf
1990WimbledonR32Stefan EdbergAmos Mansdorf
1989WimbledonR128Jonas SvenssonDavid Wheaton
1990WimbledonR32David WheatonJonas Svensson
1990WimbledonR64Juan AguileraWayne Ferreira
1991WimbledonR128Wayne FerreiraJuan Aguilera
1990WimbledonR128Shuzo MatsuokaLuiz Mattar
1991WimbledonR128Luiz MattarShuzo Matsuoka
1991WimbledonR64Brad GilbertWally Masur
1992WimbledonR32Wally MasurBrad Gilbert
1991WimbledonR64Christo Van RensburgWayne Ferreira
1992WimbledonR64Wayne FerreiraChristo Van Rensburg
1991WimbledonR32Guy ForgetHenri Leconte
1992WimbledonR32Guy ForgetHenri Leconte
1992WimbledonR64David WheatonTodd Martin
1993WimbledonR16Todd MartinDavid Wheaton
1993WimbledonR128Mark WoodfordeShuzo Matsuoka
1994WimbledonR128Mark WoodfordeShuzo Matsuoka
1994WimbledonFPete SamprasGoran Ivanisevic
1995WimbledonSFPete SamprasGoran Ivanisevic
1994WimbledonR128Pete SamprasJared Palmer
1995WimbledonR32Pete SamprasJared Palmer
1994WimbledonR16Wayne FerreiraJonas Bjorkman
1995WimbledonR64Wayne FerreiraJonas Bjorkman
1996WimbledonR16Pete SamprasCedric Pioline
1997WimbledonFPete SamprasCedric Pioline
1996WimbledonR32Michael StichSandon Stolle
1997WimbledonR32Michael StichSandon Stolle
1997WimbledonR128Pete SamprasMikael Tillstrom
1998WimbledonR64Pete SamprasMikael Tillstrom
1998WimbledonR128Daniel VacekGianluca Pozzi
1999WimbledonR64Daniel VacekGianluca Pozzi
1998WimbledonR32Francisco ClavetThomas Johansson
1999WimbledonR64Francisco ClavetThomas Johansson
1998WimbledonR16Goran IvanisevicTodd Martin
1999WimbledonR16Todd MartinGoran Ivanisevic
1998WimbledonQFPete SamprasMark Philippoussis
1999WimbledonQFPete SamprasMark Philippoussis
1998WimbledonSFPete SamprasTim Henman
1999WimbledonSFPete SamprasTim Henman
1999WimbledonSFAndre AgassiPatrick Rafter
2000WimbledonSFPatrick RafterAndre Agassi
2001WimbledonSFPatrick RafterAndre Agassi
2000WimbledonR128Arvind ParmarAndre Sa
2001WimbledonR128Arvind ParmarAndre Sa
2002WimbledonR32Greg RusedskiAndy Roddick
2003WimbledonR64Andy RoddickGreg Rusedski
2003WimbledonSFRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2004WimbledonFRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2005WimbledonFRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2003WimbledonR128Karol KuceraWayne Ferreira
2004WimbledonR64Wayne FerreiraKarol Kucera
2004WimbledonQFRoger FedererLleyton Hewitt
2005WimbledonSFRoger FedererLleyton Hewitt
2005WimbledonR128Guillermo Garcia-LopezDavid Ferrer
2006WimbledonR64David FerrerGuillermo Garcia-Lopez
2006WimbledonR128Benjamin BeckerJuan Ignacio Chela
2007WimbledonR128Juan Ignacio ChelaBenjamin Becker
2006WimbledonFRoger FedererRafael Nadal
2007WimbledonFRoger FedererRafael Nadal
2008WimbledonFRafael NadalRoger Federer
2006WimbledonR128Roger FedererRichard Gasquet
2007WimbledonSFRoger FedererRichard Gasquet
2007WimbledonR64David NalbandianFrank Dancevic
2008WimbledonR128Frank DancevicDavid Nalbandian
2007WimbledonR128Fernando GonzalezRobby Ginepri
2008WimbledonR128Fernando GonzalezRobby Ginepri
2007WimbledonR64Lleyton HewittSimone Bolelli
2008WimbledonR32Lleyton HewittSimone Bolelli
2007WimbledonR32Roger FedererMarat Safin
2008WimbledonSFRoger FedererMarat Safin
2007WimbledonR16Rafael NadalMikhail Youzhny
2008WimbledonR16Rafael NadalMikhail Youzhny
2008WimbledonR64Roger FedererRobin Soderling
2009WimbledonR16Roger FedererRobin Soderling
2009WimbledonR64Robin SoderlingMarcel Granollers-Pujol
2010WimbledonR64Robin SoderlingMarcel Granollers-Pujol
2010WimbledonSFRafael NadalAndy Murray
2011WimbledonSFRafael NadalAndy Murray
2010WimbledonR128John IsnerNicolas Mahut
2011WimbledonR128John IsnerNicolas Mahut
1968US OpenR32Clark GraebnerRoger Taylor
1969US OpenR64Roger TaylorClark Graebner
1968US OpenR16Pancho GonzalesTony Roche
1969US OpenR16Tony RochePancho Gonzales
1969US OpenR16Rod LaverDennis Ralston
1970US OpenR16Dennis RalstonRod Laver
1969US OpenR32Ken RosewallNikola Pilic
1970US OpenR16Ken RosewallNikola Pilic
1970US OpenR64Roy BarthRaymond Moore
1971US OpenR128Raymond MooreRoy Barth
1971US OpenR64Roscoe TannerJohn Cooper
1972US OpenR16Roscoe TannerJohn Cooper
1971US OpenR128Tom LeonardWilliam Higgins
1972US OpenR128Tom LeonardWilliam Higgins
1972US OpenR256Cliff DrysdaleBarry Phillips-Moore
1973US OpenR64Cliff DrysdaleBarry Phillips-Moore
1972US OpenR128Stan SmithBilly Martin
1973US OpenR64Stan SmithBilly Martin
1972US OpenR128Owen DavidsonCharles Owens
1973US OpenR64Charles OwensOwen Davidson
1973US OpenSFJohn NewcombeKen Rosewall
1974US OpenSFKen RosewallJohn Newcombe
1973US OpenQFKen RosewallVijay Amritraj
1974US OpenQFKen RosewallVijay Amritraj
1973US OpenR32Stan SmithRoscoe Tanner
1974US OpenQFRoscoe TannerStan Smith
1975US OpenR128Brian GottfriedAlex Metreveli
1976US OpenR64Brian GottfriedAlex Metreveli
1975US OpenSFJimmy ConnorsBjorn Borg
1976US OpenFJimmy ConnorsBjorn Borg
1976US OpenR32Jan KodesCliff Richey
1977US OpenR64Jan KodesCliff Richey
1976US OpenSFJimmy ConnorsGuillermo Vilas
1977US OpenFGuillermo VilasJimmy Connors
1978US OpenQFJimmy ConnorsBrian Gottfried
1979US OpenR16Jimmy ConnorsBrian Gottfried
1978US OpenSFJimmy ConnorsJohn McEnroe
1979US OpenSFJohn McEnroeJimmy Connors
1980US OpenSFJohn McEnroeJimmy Connors
1978US OpenR32Jimmy ConnorsPat Dupre
1979US OpenQFJimmy ConnorsPat Dupre
1978US OpenQFVitas GerulaitisJohan Kriek
1979US OpenQFVitas GerulaitisJohan Kriek
1979US OpenQFRoscoe TannerBjorn Borg
1980US OpenQFBjorn BorgRoscoe Tanner
1981US OpenQFBjorn BorgRoscoe Tanner
1980US OpenFJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1981US OpenFJohn McEnroeBjorn Borg
1980US OpenR16Bjorn BorgYannick Noah
1981US OpenR16Bjorn BorgYannick Noah
1980US OpenR16Eliot TeltscherBrian Gottfried
1981US OpenR16Eliot TeltscherBrian Gottfried
1980US OpenQFJimmy ConnorsEliot Teltscher
1981US OpenQFJimmy ConnorsEliot Teltscher
1982US OpenR64Heinz GunthardtEric Fromm
1983US OpenR64Heinz GunthardtEric Fromm
1982US OpenR32Yannick NoahEric Korita
1983US OpenR32Yannick NoahEric Korita
1982US OpenR128Fritz BuehningVitas Gerulaitis
1983US OpenR64Vitas GerulaitisFritz Buehning
1982US OpenFJimmy ConnorsIvan Lendl
1983US OpenFJimmy ConnorsIvan Lendl
1982US OpenR16Ivan LendlMats Wilander
1983US OpenQFIvan LendlMats Wilander
1982US OpenR32John McEnroeVincent Van Patten
1983US OpenR32John McEnroeVincent Van Patten
1983US OpenR128Sandy MayerCassio Motta
1984US OpenR128Sandy MayerCassio Motta
1984US OpenFJohn McEnroeIvan Lendl
1985US OpenFIvan LendlJohn McEnroe
1985US OpenR64Dan GoldieMarian Vajda
1986US OpenR128Dan GoldieMarian Vajda
1985US OpenR32Jaime YzagaDavid Pate
1986US OpenR64Jaime YzagaDavid Pate
1986US OpenR16Stefan EdbergDan Goldie
1987US OpenR64Stefan EdbergDan Goldie
1986US OpenR16Miloslav MecirMats Wilander
1987US OpenQFMats WilanderMiloslav Mecir
1986US OpenR32Stefan EdbergRamesh Krishnan
1987US OpenQFStefan EdbergRamesh Krishnan
1987US OpenFIvan LendlMats Wilander
1988US OpenFMats WilanderIvan Lendl
1988US OpenSFIvan LendlAndre Agassi
1989US OpenSFIvan LendlAndre Agassi
1988US OpenQFAndre AgassiJimmy Connors
1989US OpenQFAndre AgassiJimmy Connors
1988US OpenR128Andre AgassiPhilip Johnson
1989US OpenR32Andre AgassiPhilip Johnson
1988US OpenR128Jaime YzagaPete Sampras
1989US OpenR32Pete SamprasJaime Yzaga
1988US OpenR32Michael ChangTim Wilkison
1989US OpenR128Michael ChangTim Wilkison
1989US OpenSFBoris BeckerAaron Krickstein
1990US OpenQFBoris BeckerAaron Krickstein
1989US OpenQFBoris BeckerYannick Noah
1990US OpenR64Boris BeckerYannick Noah
1990US OpenR64Ivan LendlMichael Stich
1991US OpenQFIvan LendlMichael Stich
1991US OpenR128Thierry ChampionClaudio Pistolesi
1992US OpenR128Thierry ChampionClaudio Pistolesi
1991US OpenSFStefan EdbergIvan Lendl
1992US OpenQFStefan EdbergIvan Lendl
1991US OpenQFJim CourierPete Sampras
1992US OpenSFPete SamprasJim Courier
1991US OpenR16Stefan EdbergMichael Chang
1992US OpenSFStefan EdbergMichael Chang
1992US OpenQFPete SamprasAlexander Volkov
1993US OpenSFPete SamprasAlexander Volkov
1992US OpenR32Jim CourierCedric Pioline
1993US OpenR16Cedric PiolineJim Courier
1992US OpenQFMichael ChangWayne Ferreira
1993US OpenR16Michael ChangWayne Ferreira
1993US OpenR64Pete SamprasDaniel Vacek
1994US OpenR64Pete SamprasDaniel Vacek
1993US OpenR128Neil BorwickIvan Lendl
1994US OpenR128Ivan LendlNeil Borwick
1994US OpenR32Michael StichByron Black
1995US OpenR16Byron BlackMichael Stich
1994US OpenR16Jaime YzagaPete Sampras
1995US OpenR64Pete SamprasJaime Yzaga
1995US OpenR64Francisco ClavetCedric Pioline
1996US OpenR128Cedric PiolineFrancisco Clavet
1995US OpenR32Pete SamprasMark Philippoussis
1996US OpenR16Pete SamprasMark Philippoussis
1999US OpenR16Andre AgassiArnaud Clement
2000US OpenR64Arnaud ClementAndre Agassi
1999US OpenSFTodd MartinCedric Pioline
2000US OpenR32Todd MartinCedric Pioline
2000US OpenSFPete SamprasLleyton Hewitt
2001US OpenFLleyton HewittPete Sampras
2000US OpenFMarat SafinPete Sampras
2001US OpenSFPete SamprasMarat Safin
2001US OpenR32Andy RoddickAlex Corretja
2002US OpenR32Andy RoddickAlex Corretja
2001US OpenQFPete SamprasAndre Agassi
2002US OpenFPete SamprasAndre Agassi
2001US OpenR32Andre AgassiRamon Delgado
2002US OpenR32Andre AgassiRamon Delgado
2001US OpenR64Lleyton HewittJames Blake
2002US OpenR32Lleyton HewittJames Blake
2003US OpenR64Paradorn SrichaphanDominik Hrbaty
2004US OpenR32Dominik HrbatyParadorn Srichaphan
2004US OpenR128Andre AgassiRobby Ginepri
2005US OpenSFAndre AgassiRobby Ginepri
2004US OpenQFRoger FedererAndre Agassi
2005US OpenFRoger FedererAndre Agassi
2004US OpenR32Roger FedererFabrice Santoro
2005US OpenR64Roger FedererFabrice Santoro
2004US OpenFRoger FedererLleyton Hewitt
2005US OpenSFRoger FedererLleyton Hewitt
2005US OpenR32Robby GinepriTommy Haas
2006US OpenR32Tommy HaasRobby Ginepri
2005US OpenR64Sebastien GrosjeanThomas Johansson
2006US OpenR128Sebastien GrosjeanThomas Johansson
2006US OpenFRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2007US OpenQFRoger FedererAndy Roddick
2006US OpenR128Stanislas WawrinkaJuan Ignacio Chela
2007US OpenR16Juan Ignacio ChelaStanislas Wawrinka
2006US OpenSFRoger FedererNikolay Davydenko
2007US OpenSFRoger FedererNikolay Davydenko
2006US OpenQFNikolay DavydenkoTommy Haas
2007US OpenQFNikolay DavydenkoTommy Haas
2007US OpenFRoger FedererNovak Djokovic
2008US OpenSFRoger FedererNovak Djokovic
2009US OpenSFRoger FedererNovak Djokovic
2010US OpenSFNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2011US OpenSFNovak DjokovicRoger Federer
2009US OpenR128Robin SoderlingAlbert Montanes
2010US OpenR16Robin SoderlingAlbert Montanes
2009US OpenQFRoger FedererRobin Soderling
2010US OpenQFRoger FedererRobin Soderling
2010US OpenR64Michael LlodraVictor Hanescu
2011US OpenR128Michael LlodraVictor Hanescu
2010US OpenFRafael NadalNovak Djokovic
2011US OpenFNovak DjokovicRafael Nadal
Australia + Roland Garros      Wimbledon + US Open
SF-F: 4-3
SF-SF: 14-4
SF-QF: 9-5
SF-All: 27-12
QF-F: 2-1
QF-SF: 5-1
QF-QF: 12-2
QF-All: 19-4
All-F: 15-12
All-SF: 28-8
All-QF: 25-9
F-F: 9-8
F-SF: 9-3
F-QF: 4-2
F-All: 22-13
Matches 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 for 3+ consecutive
W-L: 16-6
Australian: 2-
Roland Garros: 7-1
Wimbledon: 3-2
US Open: 4-1