Tennis Quizzes
2006 ATP Quiz - Slams (December 5, 2006)
OE = Open Era, 1968 Roland Garros - present

Australian Open

1a.  Which player pushed Federer to five sets during his run to the title? (1 point)

1b.  Name the only other time that Federer won a five set match en route to
winning a slam. (2 points)

2.  Marcos Baghdatis became the first Cypriot to reach a slam final.  Before
Baghdatis, name the last two male players who were their countries' first slam
finalists.  (2 points each)

3.   "I mean, everybody has to understand, there are so many emotion and so much
tension. You fight for four and a half hours and it happens [...] Of course, it's not
nice, but what can I do? I'm a person with so much tension also inside."

Who said it?  (2 points)

4.  Who played four consecutive five setters?  (2 points)

Roland Garros

1.  The top two seeds made the final.  Before 2006, when was the last time this
happened at Roland Garros?  (2 points)

2.  Nadal has won Roland Garros in his first two attempts.  Name the only other
OE player who won the same slam in his first two attempts.  (3 points)

3.  Before Nalbandian, who was the last player to retire during a slam SF match?  
(3 points)

4.  Name the two unseeded players who reached the quarterfinals. (1 point each)


1.  Besides Federer and Nadal, list the seven other OE players who made both the
Roland Garros and Wimbledon finals in the same year.  (1 point each)

2.  Which player in the draw has the longest active streak playing at Wimbledon
without missing a year?  (2 points)

3.  "I mean, it's hard to describe. I think today it was just I felt like I played a guy
who was as near as perfection you can play the game. I had the best seat in the
house, in a way. He just makes it look very simple, obviously."   

Who said it?  (1 point)

4.  Who won the boys' title?  (2 points)

US Open

1.  Name the three players besides Federer to play in six consecutive slam finals.  
(2 points each)

2.  Federer's US Open match record is 31-4.   Which players beat him from
2000-2003?  (1 point each)

3.  Agassi lost to Benjamin Becker in his final slam match.  Who did Agassi lose to
in his first slam match, at the 1986 US Open?  (3 points)

4.  Name the only other OE slam besides the 2006 USO that had two Russians in
the semifinals.  (2 points).


1.  How many bagel sets did Federer dish out in 28 slam matches (within 1 bagel)?  
(2 points)

2.  Agassi retired with 224 slam match wins, second to Connors all-time.  Who are
now the top five active leaders in slam match wins? (1 point each)

3.  What do the following players have in common:

Andrei Pavel
Mark Philippoussis
Nathan Healey
Michael Llodra

(2 points)


57 points max

29-57  Pete Federer
1-28    Roger Sampras